The interaction between the customer, our technical department and our engineers makes it possible to offer, size and install hydraulic plants of the highest quality, providing an optimal solutions for years to come.

We have our own hydraulic and hose workshop. The workshop has many standard components in stock to help customers immediately. If there is a need for special hoses or tubing with a specific approval, this can often be obtained from day to day. We build hydraulic equipment and develop solutions that match customer needs. These solutions vary from small pump stations for controlling a winch or complex systems with several pumps and valve systems.

We have experience with the most advanced system types and control systems that allow for operating economy, performance and reliability that are demanded by many industries.

We have a rich knowledge of and experience in hydraulics. Both in terms of ship hydraulics, but also in industrial hydraulics. To achieve the best results in larger hydraulic installations, we always have suppliers as sparring partners. This ensures a good end product for our customers and provides our employees additional experience and knowledge. This equips them to solve future tasks on the project.

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