Hvide Sande Skibssmedie A/S has over the years manufactured many different products in different batch sizes. Some of the products include range from ergonomic help to products for the fishing industry.

Hvide Sande Skibssmedie has also contracted with several product designers for prototype production and visualization.

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Standard components

We produce standard components for own use but also for sale as a subcontractor.

In cooperation with our customers we develop products optimized for use in harsh environments. Through our network of vendors across the EU, we can deliver high quality products at a very competetive price.

The components are mostly a further development of an existing product, so they are optimized for the offshore and maritime environment.

Our design office gladly helps with the further development of products for maritime environments and will give you a quotation on the components. Through our network, we can produce at low prices, also for small series.

High pressure cleaner

Hvide Sande Skibssmedie A/S has serviced and supplied high pressure washers for farmers, mink farmers, industry and fishermen for many years.

Hvide Sande Skibssmedie A/S has chosen to distribute Kents high pressure cleaners, because of these product features:

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