Tank bearing equipment

Tank bearing equipment

Hvide Sande Skibssmedie A/S has developed a PLC-based control to visualize tank content. The equipment is designed for fishing vessels, where the determination of the tank contents, previously had to be done with tape measure through the filler neck. With the HSS Tank bearing equipment, you get a fine view of the tank's contents directly from the wheelhouse via a touch screen. The system can be expanded with multiple monitors, so you can see the tank's contents in the engine room while performing a trim.

The system is based on a PLC solution. This adds the possibility to control the valves and pumps etc., depending on the controller's build-up. Alarms can be added to the system, so that you are always made aware of too low or too high levels. The system can be used for all kinds of liquids and can handle up to 50 tanks at a time.

The HSS tank bearing system can also be used for land-based systems that are based on weight, ultrasonic or other measurement methods.

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