Blacksmith shop

We solve all blacksmith tasks

Our blacksmith shop is the center for the execution of most of our work.

We solve all kinds of blacksmith jobs and serve our customers with "large and small" solutions. We are known for being versatile and ready to adapt.
Most parts are produced at our workshop before assembly. Service of propellers and engines or replacements of engines on smaller boats, are is often taken to shop and carried out in the workshop. Our experienced and flexible staff welcomes all challenges!

To be best equipped to deal with the wide range of tasks, we have constantly a large inventory of standard items. This gives us flexibility and means we can solve most assignments immediately.

We always stock aluminum, steel and stainless steel plates, ball bearings, various pipes, belts, oil- and fuel filters as well as various components for use in hydraulics and plumbing. If our customers needs a special spare parts, we often have the desired items in stock within a day.

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