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Hvide Sande Skibssmedie was founded in 1932 by blacksmith Jens Hansen.

The story goes that Jens Hansen came to Hvide Sande on his motorcycle at the time when the cities sluice was established. He realized that this was the perfect basis for establishing a ship smithy, which he started in a small shed.

After some years the smithy ran out of space, and Jens Hansen built a new workshop at the place where the Imerco store is today.

In 1964 Hans Fjord Aaser bought part of Hvide Sande Skibssmedie. After Jens Hansen's death in 1968 he took over the company and thus became the sole owner.

In 1977 the forge moved to brand new buildings on Nordhavnskaj. It took no more than a handful of years before the smithy ran out of space again. So an extension was necessary. Today the smithy has a production area of more than 800 m².



Hvide Sande Skibssmedie gained a lot of experience and skills in installations, repairs and equipment for ships and newbuildings, such as winches, engines and hydraulics, but also ordinary blacksmith works, e.g. the rebuilding of fishing vessels.

Our products are often made from the typical materials used in various industries such as food and heavy industry. All materials are selected according to the task, taking into account the requirements and applicable regulations as well as customer requirements.

We have extensive experience in developing machines and solving the tasks at hand, together with our customers, to achieve the best possible solution.

The highs and lows of the fishing industry has prompted new thinking over the years, which has led to a number of other, different products. One example are stairs, railings, balconies, etc. to the construction industry. Other examples are plumbing and piping all kinds of hydraulic systems for new buildings. Another important niche, both now and in the future, is the manufacture of ice works for the fishing industry in Denmark and abroad.

No job is too big or too small for Hvide Sande Skibssmedie. It is important for the company that, while we deliver large projects to customers worldwide we still find the time to serve customers in the community.

Design office

All design and development work is made with the 3D drawing software SolidWorks, to ensure a good and viable solution throughout the project. The design office works with great enthusiasm and creativity. They continuously develop new and exciting solutions and as a result, put together new projects. All construction projects are carried out in consultation with external engineering offices.

The design office provides detailed and meticulous drawings, to ensure the necessary documentation for the customer. Skillful drawing obviously make it easier for our production department to deliver on time and at the right quality.

For larger projects our design office produces illustrations, showing how the product will look like, and to ensure that no detail is missed, before contracts are signed.

After the contracts are signed the design office produces a detailed set of manufacturing drawings, which are used in production, and in the subsequent quality control.


Hvide Sande Skibssmedie employs 17 versatile and independent employees who follow the development of new techniques to ensure proper execution of all tasks. Our dedicated employees work solution-oriented are always ready to give advice or a helping hand.

Kristen Krogh


CEO, Partner


Mobile: +45 40 54 18 22
Direct: +45 96 59 18 35

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Knud Pedersen


Finn Vestergaard

Finn Vestergaard


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Bo Christensen

Maritim Service Engineer

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Tommy Poulsen


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